Saturday, May 22, 2010

Loving not liking

We can love our parents and yet not like them

Yes we can love them for what they did for us

After all we chose them as parents

Yes we did

When incarnating in any given life our profile finds the parents best suited to give us the start we need in life

So in this sense our profile chose those particular parents

They give us the start we need to reach and face our major lessons in any given life

This does not necessarily mean the most loving parents

Often the opposite for the start we need may require that we experience pain

Maybe the pain we inflicted on others in a previous life for which we must now pay our karmic debt

Usually we do love our parents 

This imprint stays with us

And yet no we do not like them

As adults it can become clear we do not like them

This is how many people feel, they do not like their parents

And this is fine

We might not like their behavior with each other

With us

So yes we love them and no we do not like them

This is fine and can help us find a better relationship with our parents

Yes we love them

And no we do not like them

Families are often fraught environments

Guess why?

Because this is how we face what we have done in previous lives

To experience the pain of parents who do not love us

Maybe this is how we behaved in a previous life

Look around at your own family and notice how many points of friction there are

Looked at another way what a great way to learn and pay off our karma

Find the way in your own family to mend fences and enjoy some harmony

And yes we can love and not like

This goes for all the other members too

Do not be a prisoner in your family relationships

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