Sunday, May 23, 2010

Nothing could be clearer

So why do they not act?

Men who have all the money they and their families and all their relatives could ever squander in a dozen lifetimes

They are in power

And yet they do nothing except take more

The country desperately needs actions

Everybody knows it

And yet they do nothing

Just greedily stealing more

Never been able to understand this

When you, your family and friends have stolen all any of you could possibly spend

Why not do the right things for your country?

Why not build the infrastructure?

Why not wire the place up?

Why not help create a nicer, fairer country?

Why not leave a legacy of empowerment and not one of bitterness and despair?

No they have no interest just grabbing ever more

When you have so much and your children are going to live in the country after you are gone

Why not do something for them at least?

Can your mind be so blocked

Can you be so selfish

Guess you can

There are plenty of you around still today

Time to name and shame instead of pretending how acceptable they are

Might get in the way of business though

Might need their vote or support in the UN or other such body

Sick people those who pretend not to see

So many of those corrupt ones today are feted by our leaders

Pretending that human rights abuses do not exist

Pretending just pretending turning their gaze away

Is this what we vote our leaders to do?

Is this what we want them to do?

No it is not

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