Sunday, June 27, 2010

Black Swan

A black swan is just what the name suggests a black swan

However it is also a description of something considered impossible

Until that is a black swan was found in Australia

Up until that time swans were all considered to be white

Since that first back swan was found others have since been noted

In other words something is known to be impossible until events prove otherwise

Interesting maybe but not exactly what I want to talk about

What I want to talk about is how humans insist on saying something is impossible until events prove otherwise

From stock markets to traders statistics people will state that something is impossible because it makes their life easier

Then bang suddenly the event occurs

The result is almost always extreme

And then after the event papers appear explaining how it was predictable

Society then accepts this official version explaining how it was really predictable all along

Not so

If these events were really predictable then someone would have predicted them

They did not

And had they done so they would probably have been laughed at

Called mad even

Take the 1914 world war - no it was not predicted

9/11 - no it was not predicted

Ash clouds in 2010 - no they were not predicted nor was it seen that this would all but flatten the aviation industry

No it was not foreseen, but watch, over the coming months articles will appear explaining how it was really predictable

We seem to have a genetic problem in admitting that we do not know many things

No we do not know the next rare event that will impact us

No we do not have any clue

What we do know is that these events are are fortunately quite rare

And we do know that the next one's impact will be severe

Time to understand that what we do not know is more important than what we know

Forget it

We are not ready to acknowledge this nor to talk about it

Society likes to pretend it knows everything

Governments like to pretend they do too

Just observe for yourself that we do not know and that this is important

In  your own life the same applies what you don't know is far more important than what you do know


Because many of the major events in your life will stem from things you do not know

Think about it how many of the major events in your life so far came from things you knew beforehand?

Not many if at all


Look at your life through new eyes

Live in this moment now because what you do not know is surely going to impact you and your life

So the only intelligent thing to do is live for this moment now as the unknown will come along anyway whatever we do

So waste no more energy worrying about this and that because it will not come about as you think anyway

Let go, enjoy life please without so much worry because life is not going to happen as you think

The unexpected will always have more impact on our lives than the expected

There are more Black swans out there

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