Saturday, June 26, 2010

Where were you?

When I needed you

Most of us have wondered about that at some point in our lives

At a time of crisis

Of great difficulty

We turned around and found ourselves alone

Our so called friends gone


Left alone

No one to turn to

And so we handled things as best we could

Some finding good solutions others not so good

And then for many a funny thing happened

Someone they had never really paid much attention to

Someone on the edge of their life

Not even a real friend

This someone stepped forward and offered help and support

Funny so many people have shared this with us

And that person proved to be true

Made an effort to help and was really supportive

Really was so helpful

For some it helped redefine how they looked at people

For others they just accepted the help

And through this experience they were able to look at themselves and their so called friends

Painfully understanding that many they had thought to be friends were nothing of the sort

They were users hanging around for their own advantage

Users who disappeared at the first hint of trouble

At the first hint of responsibility

Dodging any moral obligation

Ethically challenged people who walk away when their so called friends are in trouble

And from all this?

Look at your own friends

What is the basis of your relationship?

Are they really friends?

Have they ever been tested?

Can you count on them?

And if you say yes on what basis can you believe this to be true?

Better find out it might be important one day

Apart from which who wants to hang around with a crowd of hangers on?

Friends are those who are there for you when you need them

And you are there for them when they need you

Are you a friend?

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