Sunday, June 13, 2010


Notice how women calibrate on meeting each other

Actually they are in reality often very critical of each other

Noticing how little things are adjusted

All the details of the other woman's appearance

Do her clothes suit her?

Do the accessories match?

Are they of good or poor quality?

Are they in fashion?

Is her make up done well, carefully?

Has she aged?

Is she tired?

Has she had plastic surgery?

What is her mood?

And all this in the blink of an eye!
And men?

Not the same

Just meeting with a greeting

Might or might not notice the clothes

Might or might not notice anything else at all

Then getting on with the subject at hand

And what of it?

An interesting mechanism calibration

Allows us to see where we are

Depends on our level of consciousness though

Less conscious people just chit chat

Calibration occurring throughout the chit chat unconsciously

Unconscious in most cases as a matter of fact

Did you this did you that?

At a higher level of consciousness more updates on each other lives and activities

One often talking more than the other

One the listener

The other the talker

And higher still what have you learnt?

Where are you now?

Probing the other for details of their life

Women can chatter happily with each other for hours then walk away and confide how they don't really like the other person

Both men and women are calibrating

Calibration is one of modern man's skills

We calibrate all day long

Everything we see we calibrate

We just don't notice

There again we can actively calibrate all the good things we see in each other

To look for and find the good things

Bringing our calibrations to a positive place in our lives



Alexandra said...

and what of calibrating positively? training the mind to go for the good stuff in each?

Antony said...

Yes you are right the positive are also as or more important