Monday, June 14, 2010

Critical few

What are the critical few in your life?

The critical few things that you cannot do without

There are the obligatory ones such as paying taxes

Making sure your chute is packed properly

Feeding your goldfish

Remembering your wife's birthday

Seriously though ever thought about it?

What are the critical few in your life?

We all have some

Most of us have never identified them in this conscious way though

If you do it can be quite helpful


Because it shows us how we manage to remember them

How we act with the critical few

How they are embedded in us

How much attention we pay to them

How we make sure we have them covered

And once we see this and how effective we can be

Then we can take this knowledge and use it in other aspects of our lives

This can take us to higher levels of performance we never suspected

Simply because we never knew that we were that capable

Simple take yourself to a higher level

It's nicer that's why

Try it

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