Tuesday, June 15, 2010

True globalisation

Friedman argues that business-to-business software that allows computers to coordinate production and transportation is at the heart of the newest phase of globalisation.

But the ash cloud revealed that for humans, it's the consumer-focused internet and communications technologies

Many stranded travellers were simultaneously web-surfing, texting, phoning, and watching television in order to find the elusive bit of information that would help them get home

That is the true engine of globalisation

Tying us together across time and space.

Its disruption offered an opportunity to pause and consider the possibilities of living at a slower pace

Of buying locally grown seasonal produce rather than relying on "fresh" fruit flown in from half a world a way

Of putting more of society's energies into supporting the once pleasurable experience of traveling by energy-efficient trains rather than carbon-spewing planes

Of becoming couch surfers rather than road warriors.

Of turning off the news and closing your laptop and letting nature take its course

A nice idea until the pressures of "normal life" kicked in again

Really this lasted only as long as the emergency

Some lessons were learnt

Others were not

What did you learn?

Do you still pay attention to these newly learnt lessons?

Bet you do not!

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