Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thoughts on computers

Are in our lives now in all shapes and forms

Unavoidably in our lives

No choice

From mobile phones to laptops to cameras you name it

We have no choice but to learn how to use them

To a greater or lesser degree we all do

Then something goes wrong

Not necessarily mega because that requires that we give it to a professional or the maker to fix

No I am talking about those times when you know that it was you

You pressed something or changed something

You know it is simple

Yet you cannot find out what it is

Several choices present themselves

If there is someone nearby who knows how to fix it then fine

If you can see from some instruction manual also fine

But it is those times when you cannot and must rely on your own efforts

Some of us scream and shout however that does not fix the problem

Some of us walk away

That also does not fix the problem

Some are incensed by the instructions on screen, online wherever

Instructions that seem designed to create further frustration

Designed to wind you up

It is at these times that we clearly see our own nature on display

No hiding

No pretending

It is us on our own faced with the problem

And how do we do?

All of us learn at different speeds

All of us learn to calm down and focus at different speeds too

It is interesting to notice our own movement from anger and irritation to focus on the problem

To paying attention to all the little details that are the requirement to fix any control issue

One little tick in a box

One little detail amongst so many options

We suspend other thoughts and focus on finding that detail

Then after maybe hours we do find it

Relief and pleasure at completing the job, being able to use whatever it was again

In my case the machine I am writing on now

Over an hour to find that one little detail

Now relaxed, happy with the result the thought occurs

The result while pleasing the other learning is more so

No anger or mega frustration maybe a fatalistic here we go again

But no not really today a calmer more accepting approach

Quiet attention

Nice really was a time when the approach was very different and violent

When all the time it is us

Us having done something silly or just inattentive

Then when we learn to accept it was us we have grown a bit

And you how were you with your last experience of this nature?

Are you growing?

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