Sunday, October 17, 2010

Black arts

Today one might think of the black arts as being something to do with art forms by persons of African descent
Alternatively you might mix them up with black magic
Or nowadays often referred to as dark magic
Black or dark magic is the practice of sorcery that draws on neutral or malevolent powers.
This type of magic is invoked when wishing to kill, steal, injure, cause misfortune or destruction
It is also used for personal gain without regard to the harmful consequences to others
Yes all of these could be called black arts and today there is another version
While killing people directly is still practiced in many places
While others are still being poisoned, imprisoned or tortured
The ones I am thinking about today are the modern version

Killing by disinformation

By slander, innuendo

Well placed gossip

Edited videos, dirt dug up

Altered images

Stitching up the media

Buying favours

These are the modern black arts

Indeed they are a profession for many

Men and women who usually with no personal interest in the target are able to destroy others for a living

Just for the money

No interest in whether or not the target is guilty or innocent 

Just another client

Just another assignment

No interest at all really

And then one day they find themselves out

They know too much

Warned not to speak

Suddenly life is different

No longer the thrill of destroying others from behind the curtain

No longer able to manipulate and ruin

Not once did they think about what comes next

Perhaps ideas of retiring with lots of money

Enjoying a life of pleasure and leisure

And just what friends can such people have?

Only others like themselves

Who else would want their company?

Maybe they hide their lives

But then it is hard to hide when you are crippled inside

Not a thought for the terrible karma they have created for themselves

Probably never heard of karma

No idea that nature will give them back at least twice the pain they caused others

No idea of paying for the harm and pain done

Look around our world see how many have painful lives

Understand that they are all paying for pain inflicted on others

Karma is an iron law

The law of harmony

Of resonance

It is real

It is something we create for ourselves every day every hour of our lives

And why would it not be real?

The evidence is all around us

Evidence of cause and effect in action

No disguising or hiding from it

Our thoughts and actions are our responsibility

What we think and do creates our karma

Be thankful that you did not spend your life harming and destroying others

Or do you, did you?

Sort your life from now on if you did

We are responsible for what we think and do

No one escapes this, it affects us all




We are all governed by karma

There is an up side too for those who help others

Karma supports and helps

Is there to support us

Those funny accidents if you want

That unexpected good luck

That help that arrived at the last minute

Our choice each and every one of us as to whether we choose to be agents for good or bad

Our life reflects those choices

Karma then adjusts those thoughts and deeds

An absolute law for all in the universe

Nothing personal

Just the way it is for all of us

Your call

Black arts no thanks

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