Thursday, June 24, 2010

He ho

..................and it's off again we go
We know all the things we should be doing
And we are not doing them
Tell me is that so?
If you know all the things you should be doing and you are not doing them what is going on?
How can it be that as an intelligent modern human
Person of the world
Well informed
And you choose, because no one forces you to, ignore doing what you should be doing
Are you lazy?
Well yes
Yet lazy today can bring disaster tomorrow
Well yes
So don't you care?
Well yes
But you still do not change
Well no
And how many fit this pattern?
A large large number of people we find
People who would deny that it is like that or rationalise their behaviour
Yet in reality behave in ways they know to be dangerous to their well being

And so it goes on

Then one day disaster strikes

And down they go

Should we be sorry?

Have compassion for you?

That you knowingly ignored what you knew you should do?

Yes or no?

What do you think?

In such real human situations we usually sigh and help because after all it is my brother, sister or my best friend

Should we have done so?

And when it happens all over again?

Time to say no more


Leaches exist in every family or group of friends

And where we know those who refuse to change

Refuse to listen

Yet clearly know they are not doing what they should

Then this law of the Universe comes into play

Do not offer your help unless they ask

Exception for your brother, sister or best friend

Offer your thoughts once and once only

Then leave well alone until they ask for help

If they do not ask for help and keep getting into trouble then walk away

It is not your responsibility if they choose to do dumb stupid things over and over

You are not responsible

Get it?

Get on with your own life

Enjoy it even

Leave them to theirs

Of course there are exceptions

Beware those who live by using others

Who manipulate

Why yes there are some, probably in your life too

Why maybe even you?

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