Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jeans and sneakers

Suddenly young in t shirts

Rocket science arrived in business

Exotic financial products, some discredited by the financial crisis others growing steadily

Marketing in new colors and forms

Using language differently

Wearing casual clothes

A great big chasm between the bosses and their young geniuses

A new different age group making money

An age group owing nothing much to their elders

Nor do they have the same values

Nor do they kowtow

Nor are they interested in climbing the corporate ladder

They are to be found in most developing and developed countries

Where will they go?

What will they want?

Who knows
One thing for sure
They will make their mark on the world
Whether this will be just the world of IT, media, finance and marketing or the wider world at large remains to be seen
So far the indications are that they are everywhere intruding and making their own statements
Have they understood their power to disrupt?
Have the older generation got it?

No and no

So where next?

Not sure but the accelerating pace of change is going to throw up some shocks

These young of the facebook, twitter generation are certainly marching to a different drum

One where they can shape their own and our future without consideration of the rules of the current mainstream

Wearing sneakers and jeans as their everyday clothes

No more suits and ties

Funny really whenever older mainstream people want to show they are 'off duty' guess what they put on................ jeans

But not sneakers please loafers for them

Just to show their innate superiority or so they believe

Amazing really how important these little things are to so many

Ways in which humans signal their status or pretences

Important markers or so they would have us believe

Ways where we show which group or sub group we see ourselves to be in or part of

Jeans and trainers for me

And for you?

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Anonymous said...

and for me jeans and trainers as well! A :)