Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Making do

With what we have because times are tougher

Feeling OK with what we have

No more label worrying

No more brand concerns

Well not so many anyway

Notice how the imitations in many product lines are so good today

Notice how when there are fifty million shoe and trainer designs no one knows any longer what brand is what or what model year it is from

Truly the new model Nike is only known to those who really care

And who cares any longer if it is the new model or not?

Do you?

New times should alter our priorities

Should tell us to let go of things that have little or no real meaning

And if they do have real meaning for you, then why is this so?

Are you playing look at me?

Are you worried that people notice your brand of shoe

New times demand new thinking

Thinking about what we buy should reflect this new thinking

Change your thinking for these changing times

Buy products that last, for performance, quality too

Let go ego buying

Buy brands you like for sure but only when they deliver on true quality

Hard to say this when so many are built in China in the same factory

Or in Indonesia, Vietnam or really you have no idea where

In reality today you often buy the logo and design

The build is from anywhere in Asia and that can be the same brand, just different models from different factories in different countries, in fact often is

So what is that premium for?

With fashion so broad today why bother

Choose what truly suits you

What you feel good in

And where you have to wear particular clothes then just buy what you need of them as well

Humans love feathers

'Look at me I have more feathers than you'

Choose to let go the feather game

Feathers are for those who have nothing else

Make your statement about yourself through your personality

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Anonymous said...

I really needed to hear that! Yet ones personality may be stylish just the same :), or maybe not! lol, A