Saturday, July 31, 2010

A choice we make

First a simple statement

If you are of average health and strength you will live to be about eighty years old plus or minus

There are plenty of variables to be sure however for this blog eighty plus is your probable life span

The last quarter of that life, in other words over twenty years, is where you will watch others disappear around you through disease, accident or other causes

Around you those who survive with you some will be unhappy

Some will be happy people

Take a little time now

Watch those who were successful

Those who grabbed all the toys

Then note who has good health

Who is happy

Research says we get happier again after fifty having been less happy up until then

However this is a relative statement and don't ask me if it is accurate or not

Your own behaviour will help determine your own state of mind and well being at that point in your life, and yes this will come to you too

Life they say is what we make it to be

Others might argue that life is what happens to us

And what happens to us is a function of the choices we make

The choice to walk every day is one likely to lead to better health

Unless of course our choice is to walk everyday next to a highway filled with slow moving cars belching CO2 emissions

Many variables impact upon us throughout our lives

We have the freedom to make choices as well

One of the most important choices we make is such a simple one that many never even consider it to be a choice

To be happy

Yes this is a choice we make

Observe around you that many people with difficult lives are happy

Many people with few resources or choices are happy

Many of course are not happy

Many more seem to be unhappy than happy

Surveys tell us all sorts of information about how we are

However important for you is your life and how you find it

That one choice to be happy is maybe the most important you can make

Just that simple little choice made privately to yourself influences how life is for you

I am happy, I am going to be happy in my life, I am happy in my life

Just this choice sets your perceptions and experiences onto a different track from those who choose to find life difficult, hard or unpleasant

Guess what, if you keep telling yourself how unlucky you are then there is a higher probability that life will give you bad luck

Our orientation makes a big difference to what we experience in life

Our thought forms are powerful and if we persist in any particular one then this gathers momentum and power

We empower that idea

We strengthen it

We imbue it with energy

Happiness is a state of mind

Your state of mind is controlled by your thought forms

Make them happy ones and you will move in that direction

Find the good in things

Make others smile

Just a choice we make

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