Sunday, August 01, 2010

Teenagers and mephedrone

In Britain mephedrone has recently been made illegal

This is common practice in Britain that any substance giving pleasure to the young or other citizens will be banned

The reasons given are usually about its alleged health and safety dangers

The truth being less to do with these than pandering to the brain dead portion of the electorate for whom an endless so called 'war on drugs' is the answer to teenage drug use

Hard to believe that these failed policies have been pursued for more than fifty years without any result other than making drug pushers rich and criminalising a goodly number of the young

How little the young are understood by many

A simple statement can be made about teenagers anywhere on the planet  -  "teenagers experiment"

Such a simple observation

How else should they learn about the world and themselves?

And yet "shock, horror" teenagers use drugs

The crude sensationalism of many newspapers and media about teenage goings on is the really sad story

Year after year we have sensational stories, trite media articles in the tabloid press who never tire of lurid stories about the young

Year after year politicians play to this gallery

Sick little people

Locking up teenagers for smoking a joint or taking mephedrone

DNA taken on file for life

Sometimes you wonder how low politicians will go to pander to the uninformed brainwashed population

But then again there is no need to wonder politicians will go as low as it takes to keep themselves in power

Teenagers meanwhile will do what teenagers do

They will every generation experiment with whatever is around them

Meanwhile the legal drugs such as cigarettes and alcohol, which make many millions in tax for governments, kill many tens of thousands of people directly and indirectly each year

And yet Mephedrone which is said to have caused two deaths, subsequently admitted not to be true was hastily made illegal with little or no examination of its true properties

Notice it was election time

And once again the British government brushes aside the advice of its own drug advisory council and glaring common sense, chooses to make yet more young people criminals

As one advisor on quitting the government advisory body said

"There's not been proper consideration given to the broader justice and political aspects of making a drug Class B and criminalising maybe tens of thousands of young people," he said.
"I'm not surprised that people think it's all been done for political reasons rather than scientific or health reasons."

Sick little people politicians

Sick media too who refuse to support a more logical and reasonable approach to drugs while beating up on teenage experimentation

One day, one day maybe sense will intrude on this stupid behaviour

Don't hold your breath though

In Britain the government drug policy has failed and yet there is little serious consideration of other proven approaches which have been adopted elsewhere

Sad story made sadder when you consider that Britain has the worst drug problem in Europe

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