Monday, August 02, 2010

Religious lies and gnostic wisdom

Religious Fundamentalism is an irrational pathology which leads otherwise decent men and women to become enemies of open mindedness and big-heartedness, and enlist in the service of divinely sanctioned bigotry.

Fundamentalism creates dangerously self-righteous people who turn against those who espouse the truly spiritual values of love, tolerance and understanding.
If we examine the ‘sacred’ scriptures of Judaism, Christianity and Islam critically, we quickly realize that, while they may contain profound spiritual allegories and passages of inspiring beauty, they are also full of contradictions, wanton cruelty and mindless violence

– with ‘God’ himself often being the worst offender.

Clearly large elements of the so called sacred books were not written or inspired by God, but created by men intent on control and power.

And often by the worst kind of men.

Politicians dressed up as priests’


Scandals in the Vatican, in fact homosexual and child abuse scandals all over the Catholic world

Not just one or two but many over decades often covered up by the church itself

Arguments about women's role in the Protestant world

Not to mention the gross misinterpretation of the Koran by so called expert clerics

40% of Americans believing in a literal interpretation of the bible in the US

What kind of world are we living in?

A world where few people apparently bother to think about the ramifications of these teachings, behaviours and mindsets

We have said it before and we say it again religion is dangerous

Religion is a danger to the well being and health of this planet

Dangerous because as practiced it promotes violence

Religion as taught is exacerbating friction and intolerance between humans who happen to be born into different religions

People who happen to live in a certain area find themselves obliged or coerced into the local religion

So what to do?

Be clear yourself about the truth of what we are saying

Promote thinking about the above

For yourself consider is religion helpful to me?

Do I believe in God?

Or like the Buddhists choose not to believe in God?

Decide for yourself to check out the origin of all the worlds religions

What do they say?

What is the truth?

Might take you a while


To move forward towards a more tolerant supportive world we have to drop religion of all shapes and sizes

We need to move on

We have so many issues that affect us all that cannot be dealt with objectively while the world is divided by religion

We cannot move on while so much of public life is shaped and influenced by religion

We do not have so much time

Drop religion

If you need to pray then do so in the privacy of your own heart

Better still study the perennial wisdom and find out the truth of things

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