Monday, July 19, 2010


or is it?

Or have they asked for it?

Maybe it's cruel, maybe not

Until we know the context we can only say it just looks cruel

For you personally though for sure you will experience something cruel in your life

Maybe you will be cruel

Or are you a cruel person already?

Do you like hurting?

Whether or not you are cruel we will all face some cruel choices

Life will throw some really cruel experiences our way

Choices where we can be cruel

Maybe have to be cruel

Maybe we will have the chance not to be cruel

Those choices will be influenced by our life training

By our upbringing

The circumstances

Context and other variables will often guide or influence our choice

Not much to say except that if you are cruel in those choices then for sure you will experience the same or double the pain you cause, if not in this life then in the next one


Because there are certain laws that govern the universe

The law of harmony is one

The old expression 'what goes round comes round' is another way of stating this law

We would say Karma, Karma will see that what we do to others we will later experience ourselves, and often doubly so

So understand all the good books are not fairy tales they are based on serious teachings

Cruelty is a no no

It is a measure of your consciousness and morality as to how you react to the opportunity to be cruel

Where you can avoid cruelty do so

Being witness to cruelty is not easy either

Where you are able take possible actions to stop such behaviour do so

Because cruelty is not something to ignore

Nor is it nice to experience

Cruel people show their fear and weaknesses in their cruelty

Have you got a cruel streak?

If so then sort it because cruelty leads to destruction of the perpetrator

Maybe not immediately but certainly over time

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