Sunday, July 25, 2010

Do not like my life

Do not like it


What are you going to do about it?


Too lazy

Too frightened

Don't know how or what to do

Never really thought about it


Wake up life is going so fast today

There is no excuse time is flying

Change it

Move on take risk

Break that illusion of safety

Because that is all that it is

An illusion

If you want to like your life then the first step is to like yourself

Do you?

To like yourself learn who you really are

Find those weaknesses, fix them, sort them, get them out, look at them

Then and only then can you fix that life you do not like

Start always with yourself

Do this now

You are the one who should be in control of your life

Or is it your fears that are in control?

For many the real truth is that fear controls their lives

If you do not take yourself too seriously then you can banish those fears

If you do take yourself very seriously then tell me why?

What is so important about you and your life?

Are you going to make some earth shattering contribution?

Do you have something humanity desperately needs?

I wonder then what is so important about you

Ah you are all that you have

You only have you

So you take you very seriously

Not maybe the best way to see things

We have many lives

This life is just another life, one in many many

Yes it is very real and very now

So to get  the best out of it stop taking yourself so seriously

Once you can do that life changes

Laughing at yourself and your fears becomes easier

And once we see that taking ourselves so seriously is not good for our health or well being we can move on

Move on to the space where we can let go of constant thoughts about our self

becoming more interested and concerned about others

This move changes us

Feeling ourselves so similar to others

Less isolated in our private selves

A part of all that is around us

A part of nature

Life becomes less pressured

Life can be more fun

Try taking yourself less seriously

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