Saturday, July 24, 2010


Adrenaline rush is all for some

The amazing feeling of life

Of being so alive

Adrenaline can do this to us

Addiction to this is common

Base jumping, snowboarding, motorbikes


Potential danger

Seeking it out

Going close, closer

Taking risk

Going closer

To the edge

And why?

Because it is an addiction

It is exciting

Excitement of being really alive

Doing something with others who share your passion

A team perhaps

Maybe not just doing it together

Not competition that is something else

Although there always those who need to be first

Need to be better

For most camaraderie

Sharing the activity

Is all

Adrenaline is a rush, always there

Until one day you find the allure gone

No longer a rush

Time to move on

This happens to most of us

Danger is no longer the rush it was

Adrenaline being replaced by other possibilities

Life is like that

A time for this and then a time to move on

Thank you adrenaline

Life calms down

Then one day an emergency and you experience adrenaline again

Not just for kicks

Adrenaline is there to save us in times of emergency

Adrenaline is a part of life experience and for those who never knew it's form

Soreee you have missed something

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