Friday, July 23, 2010

Stepping beyond

Beyond my fears

Into light

This is the way forward for you, for all of us

For all of us

See that our lives are what we have now, this moment now is our only reality

That after death we have plenty of time to assimilate what we have learnt here

Do not waste your life in fear

Use each day to grow

To understand more

You are here to be the best you can each and every day

Whatever life sends you, hardship pain, yes these are a normal part of life

Few escape without experiencing pain and hardship in one form or another

It is not what we experience but how we handle it that is important

So many have difficult lives

Sometimes we can help them but often not


Because so many lock themselves into misery

Have chosen to stay there

For you the choices are the same

Are you going to stay in your pain?

In your misery and depression?

Are you locking yourself into misery?

There is always a choice how ever hard your life experience

Some of the most remarkable people we know have to deal with terrific pain

Terribly hard lives and they still manifest courage

Usually smiling and finding the good in difficult circumstances

When you see the glass half empty then yes that is how it is

A half empty glass leads to an empty one over time

A half full glass is different it is happier and more positive with a feeling of can do

Just a silly way of putting things you might think

Not really

How you think hugely influences how you experience life

Our thought forms are what determine how we see and experience life

Stepping beyond the average is learning to have positive thoughts

These do not come easily if we think life sucks

Positive thoughts come when we understand more about life

When we begin to see the truth of things

This can only happen when we decide to let go of our fears

Decide consciously to learn about how things really work

This is what stepping beyond requires

Facing reality and reducing our perceptions

Choosing to see and find the positive

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