Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Separation - separateness

Is a defining characteristic of our civilisation today 

A sense-of-self that has increasingly dominated our civilization for thousands of years.

For the discrete-and-separate self

Is how we experience our lives - you over there and me here

With this view inhabiting an objective universe means more for you is less for me.

This is the self of today

It is not working

Greed and the corruption our world view brings is destructive

It is destroying our planet

We all know this we all sense on a deep level 5% of the population controlling or owning most of the resources is not a healthy state of affairs

We are nearing the end of unbridled capitalism

To move forward we need to shift to a gift society

In a gift society more for you is more for me, because I know that if you have more than you need, you will give the surplus to someone who needs it.

In this very simple way, we become connected;

I wish for your good as you wish for mine, and do unto you as I would have you do unto me.

As taught for thousands of years, this simple rule is the truth of the coming age.
Today we are moving into a time that realizes the truth of the connected self

A connected self in which not only my well-being, but my very existence, my very being-ness, depends on the well-being and indeed the existence of all other beings on the planet.

This same truth is also what moves us to compassion for others

For those with less than ourselves

It can be experienced directly in psychedelic states and other altered states

Normal states as well, indeed in any state we can experience the pleasure of connectedness

The feeling that we are awakening to a much more wonderful world

Something magical, something mind-blowing a world so much more interesting than the one we inhabit today

We want our minds to be blown because we are done with the Age of Separation and the small, isolated self that inhabits it.

It is time for this social movement to begin in earnest.

And this can only happen when we truly believe this to be possible

To be the only way forward
Do you?
C. Eisenburg

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