Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Smiling and laughing

Has become less usual, less common

Apparently scientists have found that modern people smile less than they used to

6 times a day in fact is now how often we laugh

We used to laugh 15 times a day

Children laugh all the time

It is good for them

And quite natural

So where does our laughter go?


Fear of laughter being out of place

Not wanting to attract attention to ourselves

Not wanting to be seen to be politically incorrect

Then of course many do not find life to be very funny

Living in cities it is better to hide one's emotions

Just keep a neutral face

Wake up please!

Laughter is not just a release

Not just a reaction to some event or joke

Laughter is a health need just as children show us

Why do we feel good around children?

They are happy

They laugh

They have ringing clean voices

And for us?

Dull controlled features

How many faces look happy, glance around you?

Determine to create the face you want

Do you really want a face that looks bland and controlled?

A face serious

A face neutral devoid of emotion

No you do not

Why not?

Because over time this is what becomes the habitual expression on your face

Hence the expression everybody is responsible for their face after forty

Yes by forty your face is fixed, your life is shown in that face

Do you like how yours is?

Then change it

And as usual only you can change this

Determine to create the face you want

See beauty around you

Laugh from your gut at least fifteen times a day

Check it out today, do it today, in fact laugh now, can you?

How many times have you laughed today?

Sad isn't it?

Change this

It sets other energies in motion

Nicer energies

Energies that change your life

Fresh energies, lighter, cleaner and dare we say so happier energies

Go for it

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