Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Alone again

Alone again can seem horrible

For those used to living with a partner

For those in a family where a member dies or moves away

Being alone is something that comes to most of us

Sometimes by choice and more often by circumstance

It is something that comes often unexpectedly

For some they never recover

For most we mourn and then move on

Being alone might not be our choice

Learning to enjoy being alone is a choice

A choice that we will not waste our life waiting for someone or something to come along

Too often people stay in a frozen state waiting

Waiting for something or someone that might never come

Better pick yourself up

Begin by getting busy

Fill your days

And as they fill we usually begin to see life more positively

Light comes into our lives

We begin to accept

We begin to start new activities slowly gaining confidence in our new actions

Finding ourselves more comfortable with being alone

Once we can enjoy being alone then often someone will come into our lives

Alone is not for all

Alone is for some a better space to be in

These are choices we make

After all we come into life not knowing what to expect then we are brainwashed by our societies

Telling us that life should be this or that

Often ignoring those aspects of life that are not so comfortable

Alone is one of these

Decide to use being alone to enjoy life and not to feel hard done by

Alone is a state of mind, being lonely is something else entirely

You choice as to whether or not that state of mind is positive or negative

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