Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Always thinking

Maybe not thinking

But for sure thoughts one after another

Never ending

Usually worrying about this or that

Never at rest

Always there unless we drink or find some other diversion which can stop these endless thoughts

Nothing new in this we all know this

Ever thought how tiring this is?

Ever thought to change it?

Said it many times

Say it again

Endless thoughts are not good for your immune, mental and nervous systems

Giving your brain a rest, more than just when you sleep is a smart idea too

Controlling your mind is an even better one

Controlling your mind means you can stop endless worrying

Means you can enjoy peace of mind

Controlling our minds is tough

Do not believe that this is easy it is not

It is neat though

To do this there is only really one way although there are lots of labels for the same thing



Meditation is the only way to train your mind to shut up and leave you alone

Meditation gets a good and bad press

A simple meditation is more than enough to begin with

Wear comfortable clothes

Choose a time of day convenient to you

Sit in a semi lotus or on a chair with legs and arms uncrossed, feet below the knees straight to the floor, uncrossed, hands resting in your lap palms facing upwards

Face the East where the sun and energy come from

Breath normally in and out, no pressure just normal breathing

Listen to your breath going in and out, notice what you feel

Every time a thought comes into your head push it away

There will be endless thoughts just keep pushing them away

Do this every day

Not for long just five or ten minutes but every day

Every day because if you do this infrequently your mind will understand that you are not serious

Your mind will keep interrupting you until you demonstrate that you wish to be quiet without thoughts

After all your mind has been controlling you all your life, why should it stop now

And you have never objected before to whatever thoughts it has pushed into your brain

It might take weeks months or years until you reach the point where suddenly you become conscious that you are having no thoughts

Meditation is tough do not believe otherwise

Why else would we have so many stories about how easy it is or conversely others saying how difficult it is?

It is though the only known way to peace of mind, a state that is the most satisfying and fulfilling

Peace of mind whatever our circumstances is a great ability to have

A human can attain few things more useful than this in life

Peace of mind

Think about it

Peace of mind allowing us to enjoy our lives more consciously, objectively, calmly, harmoniously

Non stop thinking is not a recipe for good health over the course of one's life

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