Friday, August 06, 2010


There are many types of clusters

Clusters of journalists are possibly one of the most dangerous types of cluster


Because they often assign the same importance to the same sets of circumstances

Putting reality into the same categories

Something about their need to make sharp shapes out of ambiguity

Reducing complexity to simple sound bites

Life is not that simple nor are many issues, however journalists like to remove complexity

This has major consequences for us all as it rules out sources of uncertainty

It gives us a distorted understanding of the world

Truth cannot be herded into simple clusters

Yet the demands of their employers demand ever simpler presentations of information

We are all in a hurry

No time to go through the true complexities of a subject

Just give me the conclusion

A synopsis

We accept this, and have done for many years now

Everything packaged in neat clean simple boxes

Only trouble is the important things cannot be put into child language

Truth usually demands effort

Consequently we cannot be surprised when rare events hit us hard because we did not pay attention

To busy with the trivia of our day to day lives

Journalists will continue to feed us simple sound bites

Life will continue to hit us with powerful shocks

We were not looking nor were they

Consumed by the importance of trivia

And that is why the unimaginable unexpected keeps happening

No one is looking

Least of all clusters of journalists

Think for yourself please

The unexpected is so much more important than the expected

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