Thursday, August 05, 2010

So many smart stupid people

So how come we are in such a mess?

In IT, nanotechnology, bio technology, gas extraction, materials usage, manufacturing, robotics, and so many other areas we have made major advances

Notice though how most of them are very narrow disciplines

Very deep

Very specialised

Not many advances in more holographic areas

And by this I do not mean literal holographic technology

I mean wider more inclusive advances

Advances that link things together show relationships

Advances that help us understand better

Why is this?

We are a reductionist race

Stuck in our reductionist paradigm

A paradigm where we reduce things to their smallest component and then try to understand their bigger meaning

Trying to understand the meaning of an elephant from it's leg if you will

Then we have lots of talk about moving to a new paradigm

In some ways we might

However our biggest problem is that the skills we use in this current one are not very helpful in the next

To become more inclusive we have to see the big picture

From the whole elephant then down to it's leg

Not to try and add up pieces and obtain the whole picture from the sum of the pieces

It does not work

And this is where we are trying to extrapolate from pieces to the whole picture

Trying to feel the elephant's foot and to pronounce what it is from pieces alone

Does not work

Cannot be done

When will we see this?

Only when we are ready to change

Or as looks more likely we are forced to change

Right now nature is beginning to force the pace

Everywhere we look change is imposing itself upon us

Climate, population, resources,

And we don't like it

We want to continue with what we are comfortable and familiar with

Nature will not allow this

And what is nature asking of us?

That we assume reasonable stewardship of planet earth

And that does not allow our continued raping and pillaging by only considering narrow interests

Time to take clear and open responsibility for our stewardship of our planet

We cannot kill off all the predator large fish and then pretend to be surprised by the sudden increase in jellyfish populations

We cannot keep pumping water from all our aquifers and then wondering why the water tables are so depleted

Over and over one group does something that suit its narrow interests with little or no thought for the impact on others

We no longer have the time or excuse for such selfish and greedy behaviour

We must start from an understanding of the needs of our planet

How can we fit in with those needs?

How can we better look after our planet?

Not how can we extract as much as we can without thought or concern for those needs

Nature is beginning to fight back

We are being warned

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