Thursday, September 02, 2010

Beyond ego

When you decide that you want to go beyond ego

What do you have to do?

Basically fight yourself

Your selfish tendencies

You consciously choose to let go of your ego games

To fight your ego habits

Selfishness is one

Me me me first is another

And fight them you must

They will not give up easily

They have ruled you all your life

Be warned this is what all those old mysteries talked about

The fight with the inner self

To overcome means to let go all those illusions about yourself

To expose and fight your fears

To learn about yourself as you truly are

To embrace love

Learn to trust your heart, your higher self if you will

And why should you do this?

Because it is the only way out

Positive way out that is

There is the option of staying in your ego and this leads over many lives to certain unavoidable destruction

The positive way gives you a chance to move into the light and to join with those who would become one with love

To become one with the creative forces of nature

Long long journey and one we undertake by ourselves

Our choice in each life

To go beyond ego

Helping others is part of the evolution

Thinking of the well being of others another

Come to think of it you know this already

You know the satisfaction from seeing others smile or show appreciation for a kindness given

You know the feeling of peace after helping others for something they need and not something for your needs

Not rocket science really

However it is difficult because that little ego voice will urge you not to bother

It is so seductive just be selfish it says

Give in though and life changes

Not for the better either

Your choice

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