Thursday, September 30, 2010

Light and love

Light and love are the same at a very high frequency

That's very high like the sun energy frequency for instance
Light is love and love is light and both are what some might call very high frequency energies

Might not seem so to you, might not seem that there is any relationship

However if you would like to try to find out you can

Light and love are a mantra for some, which is followed by the idea of truth

What does this mean?

Let me try to explain

The energy of light coming through you, is, when consciously converted by a thought form, very powerful and very clean

A very honest clean energy would be another way to describe it

Imagine or look at the sun and then mentally pull the sun into and through you

Hold this inside you

Imagine further that the sun light now in you is converted to love

That light can with the right control over your thought forms indeed become love and also permeate every fiber of your being

No this is not easy as it requires discipline to bring a sharp image of the sun into you and then intense control of the thought form to convert it into love

Start by mediating on light and love and when you can control and produce this thought form at will then try to do so holding it in you and then converting it

If you do this every day and several times a day you can experience changes

And that this love thought form can then show you the truth is also something that can be experienced

That you can be present to the truth

Living in truth

Yes for some this mantra leads them to seek out truth

To see light in everything

To see love in everything

To be light, love and truth

And you know what?

Were this to be your journey it will lead you to other spaces and places

A human seeing light and love in everything sees the good in things

Sees life through new eyes

Downs are less down

Less severe, less iffy days

Love fills her day

The light is brighter, and lighter

Life is more luminous

Relationships mellow

Two caveats though one is you have to let go of your fears

You cannot see the love in everything if you are in fear or hold onto your fears

It is not possible to control thought forms while holding anger, fear, jealousy, greed, envy or other such negative emotions inside you

The other is that you have to be convinced of the truth of karma and reincarnation as otherwise you can have no peace with the state of the world today

No harmony with nature

No understanding of why things are as they are

Without this understanding finding light and love is tough

For this reason few are able to achieve the state described above

And yet it is all possible and there are those who are on their way to such an attainment

We have met some such beings

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