Friday, October 01, 2010


So many people are dominated by their "buts"

No that is not the American "butt" or bottom as the English would say

We are referring to the word 'but' as in cannot

This one little word sets up a negative veto on whatever is being suggested or discussed

Notice how many people in conversation say "yes but''

After a while the 'but' in everything is such a habit that you will not countenance anything new

Everything is vetoed

Life becomes locked into negation

Into a veto on all spontaneity

To change you now need to address the 'buts' which get in the way of  grasping or taking advantage of opportunities.
Grabbing those spontaneous moments only takes place when we remove the barrier between what we want to do and actually taking action.

It's increasing these possibilities that opens the door for spontaneous actions

And the motivation for a more exciting and active life which follows.

This cannot occur when the interference of this little word is inserted into everything
A huge part of that interference pattern is a 'but'

Whether the 'but' is  wishing you could say yes to that invitation, 'but' you just don't have the energy

Or I wish I could relax 'but' I need to get this done.
'Buts' limit the exploration of possibilities

They become a pattern of control that also limits the brain taking any initiatives

Not to mention the emotional deadening of so often negating everything

Ever wonder what leads towards depression?

Consider the single little word 'but' to be a culprit

Eliminate 'but' from your vocabulary

Use that other little word 'and'

Notice if you do this how 'and' obliges us to find something more positive to say

To find ways of thinking that open us to possibilities

To find ways of speaking that are positive and that look for reasons to do something

Not reasons for not to doing it

Notice also after a while if you use 'and' instead of 'but' you automatically find ways to do things not to refuse them

You are changing your habit of a lifetime

Going from the negative, shut down, cannot not, will not

To acceptance and opening to finding ways to do things not excuses not to do them

Change your life with one little word change

Such a small word

Such a big step

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