Saturday, September 04, 2010

One area

Most of us, if we stop to think about it, can identify at least one area of our relationships, be it partners, friends, family members or colleagues, that worries us

Most of us would agree that our personal relationships could be improved in some way

And if we then asked what would you like to have more of in your life?

Leaving aside toys or playthings

Most would answer more time to spend with their family and closest friends

And what else?

The desire to be more effective at communicating.

And for sure everyone wants less stress in their lives

And to be better at resolving conflicts

And to have deeper, more meaningful relationships

That's a lot of ands

But when we ask and what do you intend to do to achieve these admirable changes?

Most of them said they didn’t how know how to begin making such changes

Or a shrug and mumble that they have no time

That life is too busy at the moment maybe later perhaps

No way to give multiple answers to the above in one blog

One area might suffice for today

'More time with my friends and family'

OK so how do you spend your time now

Is it super well organised?

We guess there could be room for improvement

Now a simple question do you agree with this statement

Everyone finds time to do that which is important to them

Think a little don't you do just that?

You find a way to do what you have to do

You always do what you have to do

Other things you might skip in fact often do

But somehow you find time to do what you have to do

So lets go back to the problem of finding more time for friends and family

Simply put they are lower on your personal priority list than some other things

You feel that you can put off visiting or spending time with friends or family

There will be time later

And later never quite comes

There is always something more important

Honesty time

Friends and family are less important than those other things you do find time for

Until and unless friends and family truly become more important than what you are doing now

Nothing can or will change

Once friends and family are truly more important then you will find time for them


Simply because you have already proven to yourself that you can find time for what is truly important to you


You will find time for them once they are truly more important to you than what you are doing now

Introspection time just what can you reorganize in your life priorities?

Or just what are you willing to find more important than your current list of priorities?

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