Sunday, September 05, 2010

Thoughts on food

We have written many times on various aspects of food and so will not repeat what we have already said as these previous blogs can be found if you have any interest in reading them


Today a question

 - Additives

 - Industrial processing

 - Vegetarianism

Spot anything linking the above?

Anything in common?

Anything at all?

How about our knowledge of them?

Our consciousness about the three areas


That additives seen and unseen are in pretty well everything today

That industrial processing is the manufacturing of choice for most products today

That a move towards vegetarianism is healthy

Yes that might be true

Is it?

We suggest maybe

And again we come to consciousness

If you are asleep then eat anything for with modern flavouring expertise it is not possible to know what additives are in what we eat or what is real or natural and what is not

Reading the label offers some clues depending on your country

Not the whole story though because food manufacturers are adept at hiding what they do not want us to see or know about and many industrial processes have to be seen to be believed

So additives are in many products, some are fine others are not

Which is causing many people today to become vegetarians with the idea that this is safer

The way to go

For some yes for others no their bodies might need meat

Besides vegetarianism is not for everyone

Vegetarianism is socially more acceptable than it was a few years ago

In some quarters quite trendy

Back we come to consciousness

Check out what your body needs

We all have different needs and tastes

Learn what you can and cannot eat

Become conscious of the dangers of some foods and additives and beware that because something is vegetarian does not automatically make it safe

Do not be fanatical about food, do be more conscious of labels and sources of food

Do be fanatical about what is best for you

Whatever this might be moderation is important and do not eat what you know does not suit you

Remember your eyes do not get old

They still see food as you did when you were younger

So control your intake

Read the labels

Enjoy good food

Move away from industrially processed foods where you can

Check the additives

A move towards vegetarianism might be for you just do not become a boring fanatic


Above all slow down and enjoy what you eat

Take time to enjoy it

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