Monday, September 06, 2010

Time to get out

Read the text above

Churchill had a point

No one has won in Afghanistan

Not the British

Nor the Russians

Nor anyone else

Did we ever believe that the fate of the world hung upon occupying Afghanistan?

To prop up a corrupt and ineffectual government?

To train up a new army of dubious loyalty?

To turn a blind eye to the world's largest source of heroin?

How many more Afghans and Western soldiers must die before we stop this insane nonsense?

Afghanistan is a corrupt country

There are no overriding western interests

Life as we know it will not stop because Afghanistan is allowed to do what it wants

Time for America and its Allies to be gone

Be clear that few will morn the retreat

Let all our foreign policies focus on the art of the possible

And should any leader want to stay then let him go and fight there himself

So easy to send other people to die

Enough of pointless unwinnable wars

Oh and the Al Queda's will always exist

They are needed to justify all those armaments and armies

Certainly they will always find somewhere to go

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