Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sunday Happy List

Some time ago ago The Independent Newspaper published it's " Sunday Happy List".

As they say
It is our antidote to all the rich lists, celebrity lists, and wealth leagues which worship at the shrine of billionaires, mega bonus-takers and their conspicuous spending.
The Happy List celebrates different values, and names 100 people who give back, volunteer, and who make Britain a better balanced, happier country.
Our 100 include extraordinary individuals such as the antique clock repairer and his friend who set up an organisation that has raised many millions for charity
The woman who brought the idea of ethical gifts to Britain

The country's happiest museum curator

Scientists who have brought the fascinations of their speciality to a wider audience

Charity founders

Outstanding laughter-makers

The world's oldest abseiler

Campaigning conservationists

Medical pioneers

Performers of impromptu acts of bravery

People who have given decades of volunteer service

Inspiring teachers and musicians

Remarkable doctors and athletes

And scores of otherwise ordinary citizens who have made a difference to the lives of those they help.
There are some well-known names who have done much to make Britain a happier place who are not on the list.
Some, like Sir David Attenborough, have appeared on previous lists and our policy is that, unless someone has made an exceptional new contribution in the previous 12 months, they will not be on subsequent lists".

A nice idea and one that has gained some traction

So often the media cannot leave self seeking pseudo celebrities alone

Our papers and magazines filled with the trivia of their lives

Nice one to have something worthwhile for a change recognizing people who make a positive contribution to this country

Have a look at it

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