Thursday, August 04, 2011

About our stories

We live in our stories

Which then need to create events and actions to justify them to ourselves and the world

Having done this we are trapped

Trapped in our stories

Stuck with stories that often become outmoded

Stories that no longer describe us or our lives

What happens next tends to be one of three things

One we deny the changes in our lives and we insist on sticking to our stories

Often at great cost to ourselves because the stories increasingly don't work

Alternatively we are brought to a screeching halt in our lives when it becomes clear to us and the world that the stories are no longer working.

This second option is obviously the better as it allows us to adjust our stories and our place in them

A third situation though is even more common, nature does it for us

Nature stops us in our tracks

A heart attack

A divorce


Loss of job

Children in trouble be it criminal, social, health whatever

Nature often brings these to us around early middle age

In our work we see large numbers of people who have experienced one or more of these situations

They all have a choice

Choices to make

Some do, some don't

Those who to try to ignore merely postpone the inevitable to another similar situation later in life
No way to avoid such situations for nature is not to be ignored
Do not wait for your turn to come, for come it will
Act now to banish your stories
Heal yourself, and yes we all have to do this
Duck and dive, run away, no matter what you do if your karma needs you to face yourself then this will happen.
Check your own reality now
See how your friends and acquaintances really see you
Live in reality
Because to live in your story cannot last over time
Better to live in reality
Check out where you are
Are you in your story or are you living in reality?

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