Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A mind worried

Is a mind not at peace

And a mind not at peace is not a comfortable experience for the owner of that mind

When you are worrying you are thinking

When you are thinking you are not in this moment now

And when you are not in this moment now you are out of reality

Because this moment now is the only reality

Looking backwards is out of reality as it is a construction of your mind and your memory

Looking forward is also a construction, a construction of your mind again

Better stay in this moment now

Now on with worry

All modern humans suffer from worry to a greater or lesser extent

The trick is to make it lesser rather than more

Take any worry and it is your mind that leads you into endless thoughts about it

Stop the mind and the mind has a problem to keep you worrying

Next time you start worrying do something

Go for a run, walk the dog, talk on the phone, iron a shirt anything that takes your mind off the problem

Better still do something where you really have to concentrate because then mind has no chance to keep you worrying

By the time you stop doing whatever action you have chosen the pressure will have dissipated

If the worry comes up again take another action immediately

Talk to whoever it is who is worrying you


Make a deal


Whatever you need to do it

Even if it does not fully resolve the situation it can reduce worry

A mind worried is not nice to live with

Stop the mind, stop the worrying

See life with pleasure you only have this day once

On a good day make the most of it you feel good about it

On a bad day fill it with action it will pass quicker

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