Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Around the world

We all live on the opposite side of the world to someone else

Someone we know maybe

Most we do not know

And we are all getting on with our lives

All of us are at the centre of our lives

And at the same time while we are awake on our side of the world others are sleeping on the other side

You read this maybe while I am sleeping

Yet we can all look up at the stars

The same stars

Well some of them maybe

Well maybe not if you live in a polluted city

The point though is that we all happily live our lives oblivious to others on the other side of the world who do the same as us

Unconcerned about their lives

Until something affects us that is

Something that touches our world

Then we might have a thought for them

Depends what it is and then suddenly we are all one

As one in our fear or joy

Instant communications allow this joint energy to meld into one expression

Has this ever been possible before?

We do not know however it opens up interesting possibilities

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