Monday, January 24, 2011

Letting go


People ask us what is letting go?

What do you mean by letting go?

Letting go is when we let go of what we imagine life should be
How life ought to be, how we ought to be

Controlling ourselves and our emotions to the point that we do not know what we are

When we stop trying to dictate how we and things should be

Hearing only what we want to hear completely missing what is really being said or shown to us

Being unable to relax

So many have the idea that if they behave in the way they think is perfect then magically life will be perfect

Letting go is the recognition that nature is smarter and more powerful than we are

Nature certainly has more power than we do any time day or night

Trying to impose our ideas on nature is rather like King Canute ordering the tide to stay out

It does not happen

Or if it does only until the tide comes in again

Life has tides

Ebbs and floes

Ups and downs

Ins and outs

Notice how so many people feel aggrieved when things do not go as they think they should

Just when they want, at this moment now

Can they seriously believe that the ebb and floe should be at their command

Yes many people really believe that life should revolve around their demands

Their petty little lives

And why should they believe this?

Because they have selfish ideas

Their ideas are only about themselves

Because they do not consider that what they want might not be good for them

What they want might lead to disaster

Additionally what they want might be in conflict with their karma

They have never thought that what they want might not be what they need

That they might have life lessons to learn and these might well be that they cannot have what they want when they want it


Many people see others getting what they want

Yes they do




And the price they pay?

Often not visible

But pay they do

Pay they must

There is a price to pay for ambition

There is a price to pay for total selfishness

For brutally grabbing what they want

So coming back to letting go

Letting go is about accepting what life brings

Not apathy

Not sitting around doing nothing

On the contrary letting go is being active

Doing the best with whatever life gives you

Every day in whatever way it comes to you, at you

Few are the humans who know what is best for them

This is why letting go is the way to learn better what we are here for

What lessons we have to learn

What pain is ours to bear

And yes pleasures too

Letting go of assumptions

Letting go of wants

Letting go of selfish ideas

Letting go is letting go

Freeing your emotions

Going with whatever comes your way

Freeing your perceptions in favour of the truth

Trying not to impose how it should be on life

Trying not to distort events

Just letting go

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