Thursday, January 13, 2011


Is a word that we sometimes seem to forget

Many seem to think that they only have rights

That they should have whatever they want, whenever they want it

That others should do things for them

Take care of  things for them

Be responsible for them

Comes the time though when this attitude comes unstuck

Little or no involvement in things other than those of interest to you

Only caring about your own little world

Leaving it to others to take care of the things you could not be bothered with

To take no issue with injustice

Being of no help to the local community you live or work in

Parasite  is the word that comes to mind

We have too many parasites on planet earth

If you are one then shape up

If you know some then stop feeding them

A parasite can only feed where people let them

Let us all take responsibility for ourselves

Let us go one further and take care of others

Be responsible

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