Sunday, February 13, 2011


Today what we have is a condition of artificial scarcity

A scarcity that forces people to work more than is necessary

Than is necessary to maintain our human needs

Than is necessary to maintain human happiness.

Most of the things we produce do not contribute to human happiness.

Look at the biggest growth industries over the last twenty years 

Housing, all electronics, shipping, mining,

The piles of plastic junk

The armaments industry and all the other industries that support it., the medical industry 

Endless consumer products that are merely variations on a theme

Cars that do not last very long and need continual maintenance and servicing

Products claiming to be better, extolling us to buy the newer version which we cannot live without as the last one you bought five minutes ago is now obsolescent

All things we numbly accept and go along with

Our so called scale of happiness is not improving

How can this be when we live in a world of abundance of all things good?

Because things don't do it is why

Look at it from another slightly unusual perspective and you can see that we are cut off from sharing

Why do we all need these products when we could share many of them?

Basically because we're cut off from sharing

Our world is arranged so that you have what you have and I have what I have

We have walls around our money, our possessions, our thoughts, our feelings, our truths

We are thing rich and sharing poor

We are artificially poor.

We voluntarily keep ourselves separate

Locked in our own little worlds

That's good for the economy because everyone has to buy their own set of whatever

Everyone has to buy everything.

And that's essentially why we run all day every day

Even though our needs can theoretically be met way more easily then they could 10,000 years ago

We still work harder today than they did

Much harder

And yet as we produce ever more labour saving devices every year including the latest must have whatever

Others cannot find any work at all, millions and millions of them jobless

Is this the hallmark of an intelligent species?

Certainly not when you throw in arms and what we spend on them

An artificial scarcity of so much

A plenty for the few

So notice how much money and power is determined to keep things this way

The limits of our stupidity are becoming more evident year by year

Sharing and caring can bring us round from this nonsense

Maybe breakdown is essential to bring things to a point where we can learn this again

For it was this way wherever people did not have much

They shared and cared

Funny really now that we have so much people do not care and share any longer


Maybe we have to go back before we can move forward again

So much about our lives is artificial

Think about it

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