Monday, February 14, 2011

Just for your viewing pleasure

And where does this lead us?

In simple language to a point where those who are fitter take over

History shows that when a races become decadent then others take over

Would you say we are decadent?

Then what is your definition of decadent?

Like saying the above are fat

Not weight challenged - fat

And just what are these young people going to contribute to society?

And just what are their parents doing about such dysfunctional offspring?

Time to call things as they are

Fitness is necessary for all to survive life

Those who are not fit for purpose - life - are a burden on society

Does society then have an obligation to help them get fit?

Can society mandate such actions?

An old question

Maybe just let nature answer it for us

Because the better diets are well known

Exercise is not unheard of

Sensible lifestyles are obvious

What is not obvious is a willingness to express the intent to address this issue in clear unequivicable terms as a global, for it is now global, issue

For that matter it needs addressing on a local level as well

Fitness for life is not a casual activity like gross overeating

For ourselves certainly we are free to make choices where they do not negatively impact society

And for those who are unable or incapable to achieve this for themselves

Time to state that life fitness is a duty we all share

Not least so that we are not a burden on others

Particularly when the money spent on obese people could be so helpful to those with nothing

Those with no chance

Those with desperate needs

Many with little or no food at all

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