Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Got to

Have to





I will try

You made me

Sorry but

Yes but

How many of these do you use?

Not very strong are they?

Poor little you

Life pushing you around a bit

Surrendering like this is not very clever

If you cannot use words that show you as an individual able to say what you want then where are you?

In a word lost

Lost unable to be clear and resist whoever or whatever

Unable to stand your ground

Cannot say what you mean

Do not mean what you say

You just surrendered your power

Implicit in these words is powerlessness

Eliminate them from your communications

Strike them out

Make no more sad weak excuses

By thinking in terms of 'I have to' we surrender our power.
These words convey powerlessness.
Try changing these words to others that contain in them implicit power and freedom of action
I can
I want to
I will
I choose to
I choose not to
Stop making excuses
Just say
I am not going to
I am not doing that
Then silence no explanation, just a polite smile
Ever thought why you need to explain everything?
Why you give reasons for your every action
Take back your power and freedom of action
When you do you will find that life feels different
It is such a nice feeling not giving people reasons for our actions

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Anonymous said...

strong ! good idea !

tanx n greetz