Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fear of the unknown

And of course the feeling of fear itself 

That creepy damp cold feeling especially the fear of the unknown

It’s kind of like being in a fog .

We give our power away to these imaginary fears and even though there’s nothing there

We just know that they are there waiting to tear us apart.

After some time most of us can see how we are all locked into our fears 

A matrix of fears for most of us

A matrix which many never escape from

Most of us though at some point want to confront their fears

It gets tiring living in a fog

The illusion of our fears,.for that is what they are, gets tiring too. 

Time to stand up to the fog, peer inside see it for what it is

The fog of life billed as real

A life of blindly accepting the fog as real

Step up to reality and resign your position in the matrix

Make your own choices

Step outside for a while

Get out of your culture

Get out of your little world

Visit another culture, see it through fresh eyes and notice how easy it is to see their matrix

Now when you return to your own you can see it for what it is

Just a lot of huffing and puffing

Little people running around

Pretending how real and important everything is

Not any longer it isn't

Make it life on my terms seeing the matrix for what it is

Good and bad

No more and no less

Just people too frightened to lift the curtain

Let them be

Time to live life to the full

Full as it can be

Amazing life without the fog

The fog of illusion

Leave it behind

As they say no fear!

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