Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Going, going, gone

Another modern illusion is photography

See how often we snap away with our mobile phones......... so easy

Notice though how often we do not bother now

Funny because in years gone by many of us wished we could have caught that moment

Have had an easy to use device

To have caught that scene

We did'nt then and now we do

In those earlier times there was the developing and printing to be done by a shop

Waiting days to get our photos back again

In those seemingly long distant times photos had a power, a magic

Are we joking it was only a decade ago, if that

Today when we can all take photos of everything everywhere

Photos seem to have lost their power, their magic

Shame really

It also seems most of us never have time to file or edit them either

Nor do we ever seem to have an interest in looking at them afterwards

Maybe once or twice and that's it

So what happened?

A few things

Photography gave us the illusion of making things somehow permanent

Fixing them in our history

That illusion takes away the urgency of life its intensity

This hunger for 'real experience' is met by television, movies, spectator sports, reality TV

Endless media advertising the must not miss soap, football match, motor race just on and on panting breathless hype towards the next must not miss event

And we get caught up in it going to that movie and then feeling pi***ed off because it was just more Hollywood crap

An endless recycling for the most part

How many soaps can you watch for how many years?

And our photos just a fleeting glimpse of things gone by, not very important any longer in the restless rush of modern life

Never enough time

Never seem to get around to looking at them

Never mind there is a new episode of some soap on TV tonight

Sort the photos?

Another time maybe

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