Monday, June 06, 2011

Religion and separation

Religion, which literally means that which ties bac

Or put in a more modern idiom that which reconnects us

Which raises the question and to what do we need reconnecting to?

The Church says we need reconnecting with ourselves and does so in a very roundabout way

No matter

What the church is not saying is that a person in touch with the fullness of life

In touch with the infinite beauty and oneness of all 

Has no need of religion

No need of intermediaries

Indeed religion is only a step in humanities journey towards higher consciousness

A step that is now impeding that journey

Each religion is divisive forever touting it's own particular merits

Indeed has always promoted it's own interpretation over every other

Not only from one religion to another but also within bitter divisions divide religions

The latest major religion Islam is at odds with itself as indeed are the many Christian sects, and the Hindu and the Buddhist

How in any ones name can thinking people take these competitive religions seriously?

How can one?

We cannot therefore if we are honest, we must see religion as a symbol of separation

And more separation is not what we need at this time

Time to let go of religions

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