Thursday, October 04, 2012

Women dressing

Yes, everyone.

Men and women alike.

Should dress to content themselves. 

But no one should let their body neuroses dominate their wardrobe.

Let alone their lives. 


Dress to show off the parts you like the most 

And distract from those you don't.

But make the distinction between "pleasing yourself" and "hiding yourself". 

It is a strange and rarely noted truth.

That if you dress in clothes shaped like a tent you will not only look like a tent but feel like a tent. 

And that's the truth
So in conclusion
Some men don't like some of the clothes the women in their lives wear.
Increasingly the women don't care.

And that's almost always a good thing!
But it is not a good thing when the reason the ladies are wearing non-Kelly Brook clothes is because they hate their figures.

Men can observe that women more and more dress most often for themselves.

Get used to it!

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