Friday, December 14, 2012

Another point of view

About Muslim welcome in modern secular societies. 

People should be free to enter into mutually agreed upon contracts. 

If both parties to the contract are Muslim and the contract involves matters of Sharia law... no problem. 

In order to protect civil liberties in the face of religious based coercion or coercion of any kind, there must be an absolute right to appeal to the law of the land at any time.
The first question any prospective immigrant from another country must answer in the affirmative before being permitted entry to a modern secular society is 

"Are you willing to abide by the laws of the land even where those may conflict with your religious beliefs?" 

If the answer is no, then there is no possibility of integrating that person into society and they should not be admitted. 

There can be no possibility of a tolerant, diverse society if any segment feels their religious beliefs are above the laws of the land. 

This applies equally to christian zealots as well as to Muslim extremists. 

We don't tolerate human sacrifices, female genital mutilation, or cannibalism even though there are religions which might persist in these practices in their native countries. 

Similarly, we must not tolerate any attempt to violate the separation of Church and State. 

For those who have an avowed intention of establishing a Caliphate encompassing the entire world, there can be no tolerance, because that tolerance will just be taken as acquiescence to the grand plan.
I am astounded, genuinely astounded, at the wishy-washy line being taken by the once respected  Economist.
Let us turn this discussion on its head.
Do the tenets of the English Common Law apply in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan? 

Do the freedoms and 'human rights' embodied in Western liberal codes of law apply in the Islamic world? 

Certainly not.
Then pray explain to me - and doubtless to millions of other puzzled folk - why the blue bloody blazes should Sharia concepts be encouraged to apply in the West?
If people move to my country I expect them to accept my laws, our country and our social norms grown up out of centuries of struggle.
But if you want polygamy, child brides, honour killings and female circumcision, say so: but it don't look much like western liberal law to me . . . and I suspect that these things are illegal in the West.
Or am I being unrealistic, simplistic and naive?
Bien pensants of all metropolitan elites, unite!
You have nothing to lose but the institutions and the legal framework that nurtured and encouraged your treason. 

Your children will live to rue the day.

Wake up!

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