Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mobile phones

Without notice

Many many of us have become addicted

Addicted to our mobile phones

Try going out leaving your mobile phone behind

Do you want to go back and get it?

Can you happily forget it?

Do you find yourself looking for it?

Look around you and see how many people are using their phones.

Are you the only one without one?

Might seem that way.

Wherever we go in the world today we see people using their phones.

Can we even remember the time before we had one?

Without noticing our lives revolve around them.

A ring from your phone and it must be answered.

Message signal, a text or other message must just look at it.

Need information use your phone.

Going to be late just call and tell them.

Changed your mind just call and tell him.

Want to order a ticket and so on and so forth our phones are quickly becoming central to our lives.

We have written about our concerns about the danger of holding an electronic device next to your head for too long.

The jury is still out on the damage this might be doing....................long term

Time will show

What about addiction though?

Not much research on this so far just some laughing about Blackberry users.

On another level though our lives are changed.

The level of attention we pay to our environment is fading away.

We prefer to text than talk to each other.

Even when with each other we text and talk away on our mobile phones.

They are controlling more and more lives.

Waking us in the morning.

Waking us from sleeping.

Is this really the life you want?

Think about it.

Act to control this machine so that it serves you and not you it.

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