Tuesday, December 18, 2012


And what is coming of all those valiant efforts to change things ?

To put the world back into growth mode

Growth everywhere

Or better still growth for me and none for you

Nothing much actually.

Grid lock in many respects.

So what now then, what next?

Nothing much really just continuing idiotic calls for growth everywhere.

Endless growth, politically called sustainable growth is still the world's mantra.

A systemic growth pressure that exists today goes to the very heart of the money system. 

Already, as growth stagnates and wealth concentrates in fewer and fewer hands, we see the need for a financial system that discourages hoarding and allows money and credit to circulate in a context of low growth. 

There are many ways to do this we could try breaching the “zero lower bound” of monetary policy and allow interest rates to go negative. 

Any attempts to maintain our current monetary policy past its time will fail as dismally as previous efforts have failed.

Unfortunately as those in power do not want to even discuss the failure of growth to do more than put money into their own pockets and those of their friends not much will happen.

Except of course further attempts to patch up the growth illusion.

Maybe a few more years then before we can discuss how can we manage our affairs better in the interests of the planet as a whole and not just the greedy ones

The myopic ones are having their day

But at what cost to the rest of us? 

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