Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Holiday time

Whether you are a Christian or not at all religiously inclined the so called "Christmas Festival" has long ago lost most of it's original meaning.

In point of fact I wonder how many Christians know that the 25th of December was a Pagan holiday long before Christianity came along?

In any event today it is about a holiday, going to visit family, skiing perhaps or lying on a faraway beach 

Then of course there is shopping and more shopping.

Shopping being the most remorseless event over this period, pursuing us wherever we go asking us to buy buy buy.

Whatever you do try to do it on your terms and not be bullied into spending or buying when you do not want to.

So however you decide to spend this holiday period enjoy yourself and spare a thought for what you are doing with your life.

The end of the year is not a bad time to ponder on a few things.

Like is your life as you want it to be?

Are you doing what you want to do?

Are you growing in your consciousness?

And several other questions that you can surely think of.

We are today in what is known as Kali Yuga or black period.

This will last all our lives and beyond.

In practical terms it means an acceleration in our experience of time

Time will seem to go faster and faster

Events will move quicker and quicker

Countries, companies, and individuals will be forced to change.

We all will.

Change, global, local, personal is a feature of these times.

So when you look at your life do so in the context of a restless planet.

Because nature is not going to calm down again.

Natural disasters are a more normal condition for nature during Kali Yuga than the relatively quiet period we have enjoyed since the second world war.

And to come through all this with your life balanced and in harmony with yourself in such turbulent times?

How to do this?

Well actually by following the stuff we go on about.

In simple steps.

One day after another

Living in the present moment

Being the best you can every day with whatever comes your way.

Being generous of yourself and to others.

Getting your fears out, and yes you have some

A fear dragged into the open losses it's power over you.

There are many other things we could say however the most important is that we are all making this journey of life and that our individual contributions do matter.

So live your life with respect for yourself.

And of course for others.

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