Friday, December 07, 2012

In the UK today

1. Feed crap to the people. 

"Food" companies that make this crap use the worst ingredients, lowest cost, make profits. 

Donations to political parties follow. 

2. People get ill from eating crap. 

"Health" companies make profits keeping them alive a while longer without actually curing them 

Cures hurt revenue streams hence profits. 

Donations to political parties follow.

3. Political parties use donations from "food" and "health" for marketing campaigns to fool the people into believing they have changed and now have their interests at heart.

4. Labouristas, Neocons or FibDems get into power and involve these companies in policy making

Or don't tackle the issues due to risk of losing donations and job prospects when they leave politics.

5. Go back to step 1 and repeat.

'Nuff said, apart from qualifying all of this by stating that the writer owns several small businesses, has no issues with capitalism or profits as long as they are fair and sustainable and improve society. 

But these Corporatists, plutocrats and their lackeys are really taking the p**s to an extraordinary level. 

People really need to shout and protest loudly rather than being lazy pussy cats meowing or scratching occasionally but then just rolling over for a tickle from their abusive master / owner.


Will they?

No way.

Too lazy.

Besides sugar tastes nice

Salt makes things taste nice too

So on we go down the road of obesity and decline.

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