Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Emperor is naked

Lost time

Losing time

Every day something does not get done

Pressure is relentless.

More and more tasks.

Never seem to have much time, just work

For many this is the pattern of their working days.

Run, run, run, from morning to night

Yet for others no reason to get out of bed

Tried getting a job, just none around

Month after month no job, no hope of getting one either.

So many young people out of work.

Do you notice something here?

For those in work there is endless pressure

Longer hours

Modest pay for most

For the others out of work

Endless stress

Endless stress of not knowing how to pay the bills or rent

All this from a culture that unthinkingly extols the virtues of growth

Endless growth that is

The only thought from politicians is how to get the country growing again

All countries yabber on about the need to get back to growth, increase growth.

Wait a minute.

Please notice how the world is a finite environment

Notice how not all the car manufacturers can 'win' when there are millions too many cars being produced worldwide.

And too many tvs, dvds, white goods, computers, watches

And clothes, furniture, household goods

And pretty much anything else

Someone must 'lose'

Not all can 'grow'

Not a thought about the obvious conflict between technological innovations that replace and remove jobs and the need for creating more jobs.

A world going mad

Endless growth for all, technology relentlessly removing jobs everywhere.

No one prepared to say that the Emperor is naked

It does not work any longer

A world of lies

All cannot grow 

Does no one see any other options to the endless growth mantra?

So let's start at the beginning and ask just what are we trying to do?

What is life for?

What is it about?

Do we need growth?

Is there no other way?

Do we want lives spent running ever faster to make ends meet?

To just survive

Is this what life has to be?

Do we want increasing number of humans thrown on the scrap heap?

More and more young people with no jobs and little prospect of getting one

No we do not

We do not want this

Yet our politicians are beholden to special interest groups that only want profit = growth

They cannot and will not look at things in the way the electorate does.

They will lead us to destruction because this is inevitable under the present system

It is broke



Sure they might fix it for a while however they are just ensuring that the final meltdown will be more violent.

And this is why we need to get involved because 'they' will only ever protect their own short term selfish interests

Modern politics do not work

Let me rephrase that they only work to produce ever more corruption and lies.

Society does not work as it could or should

Make your own choices while you can

Make your voice heard

This life is not a dress rehearsal it is all that you have

Live it now and make your contribution

And yes individual humans can make a difference

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